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Kono & Co.

3 Ball Stud

The perfect everyday stud earrings. This dainty earring from face, post, and backings are all 14K Gold Filled.

Perfect earrings to wear alone or to mix and match with other adorable studs if you have multiple piercings!

* You will receive one PAIR.

**What is Gold Filled?

The core is brass, but it has real solid gold pressure bonded around it. It has the same characteristics as solid gold, but fraction of the price. Please refer to our “Sizing/Jewelry Care” page for proper care and size.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Gift

Got this earrings for a friend who's having her third baby... so the three studs were perfect! She loved how sweet and delicate they looked (but they're sturdy and high quality). Looks great on and she likes that it doesn't overpower her look.

Love the meaning behind your story of why you chose this piece. Thank you so much for choosing Kono & Co.!!