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Kono & Co.

Oval Paperclip Bracelet

Oval Paperclip - a must have! Different but still has that classic look to go with any look you desire. 


6-7 inches (standard length)

7-8 inches 

*The bracelet itself will be the smallest inches, but with the adjustable extender at the end will make it up to the biggest inches available. Example: 6-7 inches. The bracelet itself will be 6 inches. The extender at the end of the bracelet will make the bracelet 7 inches long in total. Making it adjustable between 6-7 inches. 

Everything is made with GOLD FILLED. What is Gold Filled? 

The core is jewelers' brass, but has real solid gold pressure bonded around it. It has the same characteristics as solid gold, but fraction of the price. It has 100 times more gold than gold plated items and does not tarnish like gold plated. Please refer to our “Sizing/Jewelry Care” page for proper care and size.

Due to monitor differences, color may vary slightly.

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Customer Reviews

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Such a treat!

After eyeing Kono's designs for a while, I decided to give gold-filled a chance and got this bracelet. I hadn't had gold-filled jewelry before so I was a bit worried about how it'd wear, but so far, it's looking just as when I first got it! It's been 2-3 weeks that I've had this and I rarely take it off. It's such a good every day piece and can also be stacked with others if I'm feeling fancy. I'm so happy with these!

Thank you for this review and giving Kono & Co. a chance! I have the same chain as a necklace and it is my absolute favorite!! ❤️❤️❤️