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Kono & Co.

"I LOVE YOU" Morse Code Bracelet

Meaningful dainty jewelry you can wear every day.

Please refer to the International Morse Code Chart picture.

* The beads on the bracelet are NOT stationary. They will move freely as you wear them.

* The bracelet is made so that one chain holds the beads, and the other chain compliments the other bracelet but remains blank. They are connected at the end to make it one easy on and off bracelet.

* Bracelet length is approximately 5.5 inches - 7 inches. Adjustable.


Everything is made with GOLD FILLED. What is Gold Filled? 

The core is jewelers' brass, but has real solid gold pressure bonded around it. It has the same characteristics as solid gold, but fraction of the price. It has 100 times more gold than gold plated items and does not tarnish like gold plated. Please refer to our “Sizing/Jewelry Care” page for proper care and size.

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