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Oval Locket Necklace

Timeless Piece to add to your collection.

Chain: Box Chain

Oval Pendant: 23mm X 14mm (stamped 14K Gold and Made in U.S.A)

Necklace Length: 20 inches 

INSTRUCTIONS for inserting picture:

Open the locket and use a safety pin or tweezers to remove the clear plastic and gray paper inserts from the sides of the locket. There is a slight indent on the side to insert the safety pin to pop it out.

Choose your photo. Please note the size of the photo. Oval: 8MM wide and 11MM tall. Circle: 17MM wide and 17MM long. Heart: 13MM wide and 12MM long.

Using photo paper instead of regular copy paper is highly recommended.

Take the clear plastic insert and trace the outline to your photo to size it accordingly.

Cut out the photo carefully and place it inside the locket.

Replace the plastic insert on top of the photo. You can feel it "snap" back in place. The mini tabs on the sides need to all be inside the grooves. Give it a good wiggle to see if it is in place and doesn't fall out!


Everything is made with GOLD FILLED.

**What is Gold Filled?

The core is brass, but it has real solid gold pressure bonded around it. It has the same characteristics as solid gold, but fraction of the price. Please refer to our “Sizing/Jewelry Care” page for proper care and size.

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